Exclusive, Rare, and Beautiful – “The Perfection of a Star!” The exclusive SWANA diamond by Dana Augustine is a unique, patented cut diamond featuring 89 facets. The SWANA cut displays a perfect eight-pointed star in the heart of the diamond – captivating in its brilliance and internal fire. The SWANA diamond is only available in the USA at Dana Augustine Diamond and Restyling Events. Every SWANA diamond is produced in Botswana where skilled local workers use state-of-the-art polishing technology to produce the finest quality diamonds. Botswana is a model democracy in Africa and boasts a socially responsible, successful government and economy with one of the highest per-capita incomes for its citizens. As a committed community member, Swana sponsors a children’s village for orphaned children in Botswana as well as other charitable and educational efforts. Dana Augustine pledges to provide our customers with the very finest products that are produced and sold based upon high ethical standards. This is why we are associated with Swana – they exceed expectations with exceptional quality, and they give back to the community. This makes the exclusive SWANA diamond from Dana Augustine your perfect choice.